Welcome to Re:knowing

My name is Matt Kosterman. I’ve been on a pretty crazy journey for 52 years and counting, but those since 2015 have been harrowing and transformational. In June 2015, I began experiencing severe pelvic pain. Everything hurt – from peeing to pooping to walking to ahem…. Yes, that too. Squatting and twisting were probably the most excruciating. Seeing as I work as a photographer and love playing tennis, this was Not Good.

It has taken me the better part of the last six years to “unwind” most of what was knotted and twisted below my belly button. This journey took me through more than a dozen allopathic medical practitioners, including a standard MD, two “integrative physicians” and a DO. I’ve been probed, pinched, intubated, released, kneaded, imaged and prescribed more medicines and supplements than I thought possible.

At the end of the day, the proximate “cause” of my symptoms was psycho / emotional, stemming from trauma endured as a child. You can read the whole story over on my blog. The upshot has been a spiritual awakening and a knowing of myself in a completely different way, a “reknowing”, if you will. As a result, I created “Re:knowing” so that I may share with others those things that have been most helpful in my own journey to realizing my wholeness. Below are the services I provide.


BioTuning® is a system that creates custom, personalized binaural beats, based on your body’s positive response to a particular frequency


Whether you need a Spiritual Sherpa, assistance with your business life or you are ready to “Change Your Mind” a la Michael Pollan, I’m here to serve.


I believe we’re all spiritual beings having a human experience. My blog begins with my family of origin and lays out the obstacles I’ve faced and (mostly) overcome.