About Me

Man, Spiritual Being, Father, Brother, Friend, Photographer, Producer, Psychonaut, Seeker, Tennis Player, Mentor, Protege, Geek with Social Skills.

Photo © Copyright 2020 Brian McConkey.

I wear a lot of hats. Don’t we all? Born in Madison, Wisconsin in the year 1969, I am the oldest of three children. I’ve lived in something like 16 cities (several more than once) and eight states (I can never seem to remember the count). After almost 20 years living in the Oak Park / River Forest area, I recently moved to the Ukrainian Village neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois.

I’ve got two incredible daughters, the youngest of whom recently crossed the threshold into adulthood, and shared custody of an internet-famous dog @youngchewbacca. I enjoy travel and other activities that raise my consciousness. I’ll try almost anything once. I make pictures and short films for a living. You can see some of my work here.