BioTuning® Pricing

Initial Discovery Session

During your Discovery Session, you’ll spend 30+ minutes surrounded by sound relaxing on our immersive and patented Sound Table while we ascertain your “Fundamental Frequency” using Dr. Thompson’s BioTuning® system.


Autonomic Check Up

Return after three to four weeks of regular listening and spend another 30 minutes relaxing with your Sound File on the Sound Table while we assess your progress. Includes a full Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) report.


Sound Table Immersive Session

Return any time to listen to your Sound File while relaxing with five octaves of your Fundamental Frequency are infused into your body on our Sound Table. Enjoy 30 or 60 minutes of tension releasing bliss.

$35 and $55

Next Brainwave Tone via Email

Advance to the next level with additional tones available once you’ve received your Fundamental Frequency and Delta 1. We will email you the next file in the appropriate sequence.