Why Coaching?

Because I believe we are here to help each other be the best humans we can be (while making a living, of course). In the past I was very cynical about people posting about how great their life was after doing x, y or z and how joyously perfectly wonderful everything was in their lives as a result. Fast forward a few years and I find myself in this position. For the most part, I’ve ditched the cynicism. I’ve also done many, many other things in search of inner peace. While I certainly won’t claim enlightenment, I will say that I’ve moved up quite a ways up Maslow’s little ladder in the last ten years. I’m living a more free-free, heart-centered life than I thought possible. I invite you begin the journey with me. It has been truly profound.

7000′ Two days into a 12 day retreat in the Andes | Vilcabamba, Ecuador | March 2019

What a long, strange trip it has been! My journey of more than fifty years has taken me to some amazing places, physically and spiritually. You can read my origin story as it evolves on my blog. I was born to two very young parents during the tumultuous late 1960’s. Alcoholism and mental illness were prevalent in my family of origin (and beyond).

I’m highly empathic and a sensitive being. As it turns out, this isn’t really something you can study for in college. I had my first meaningful appointment with a therapist around 1999. A couple years later,  I began taking Zoloft for my depression and Adderall for purported ADHD. I was married for 15 years. During my separation and divorce in 2009 I attended a weeklong retreat at The Meadows, in Wickenburg, Arizona, where I first glimpsed just how good I could feel. The world was transformed. For awhile.

Bankruptcy, foreclosure and the fire sale of a beloved business followed close on the heals of the divorce and I continued to struggle mightily to overcome the depression, although I was able to drop the Zoloft around 2010 (mostly as a result of the work at The Meadows). I returned to the Meadows in 2013 for the second part of the Survivors course, at which point I made brief, and important, contact with that little spark at the core of my being. Once again, things were good. For awhile. Business wasn’t great. I wasn’t paying taxes for several years. With my loss of desire to make money, I could generate no motivation. 

2015 saw the onset of severe pelvic floor disorder, which manifested as referred pain on a bodily appendage that is dead last in line when choosing where you want to hurt. This was coupled with chronic fatigue, GI distress, overall muscle stiffness and soreness and terrible brain fog. I needed an hour nap every afternoon just to survive until bedtime and a deep tissue massage every two weeks to walk. I attended the Landmark Forum, in addition to completing the next two courses. I engaged with a very powerful coach, Melissa Ford, for a year beginning in late 2015. My head was coming around to some extent but the body wasn’t budging. 

I sat a 10 day Vipassana silent meditation retreat in late 2016. That was amazing… for awhile. I had to give up playing tennis, which I dearly love, after 2017 owing to the severity of the pain. All the while I was pursuing Western Medicine treatments (three MRIs, two CAT scans, numerous specialists, various medications, physical therapy, diet changes, supplements, etc.). When these failed to make a meaningful dent in the problems, I increasingly followed the breadcrumbs laid down by the Universe which lead me to more esoteric, transpersonal discoveries, including psychedelics, breathwork, somatic exercises and spiritual pursuits. It is here where I’ve found deep healing and a new way of connecting with myself and the Universe. I now realize that the pain has actually been my ally. It has pushed me to deepen and broaden myself in a way I never anticipated.

Chapel | Chakapita, Vilcabamba, Ecuador | March 2019

My physical ailments are nearly completely healed as a result of all the work and exploration I’ve engaged in over the last six years. During a very successful, self-styled “Operation Open Heart” personal two week retreat in Sedona in February 2021 , it was made clear to me that I need to share the wisdom I’ve gained during this time of incredible growth with others in order to assist in transforming lives in a meaningful way.

I have a broad base of knowledge across multiple modalities, in addition to an extensive network of practitioners on whom I can call. Together we will work to reknow the stories in your life that are keeping you stuck. I await your invitation to assist you in transforming your life so that you can do that which you are here to do.

Here are the three primary areas where I can be of service:

Spiritual Sherpa Services

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Psychedelic Pre- and Post-Journey Consultation

I look forward to connecting with you.