Photographer / Entrepreneur

Are you a photographer? Are you running a small to medium-sized business and struggling with strategy, pricing and promotion? We’ll cover that, and we’ll go even deeper to uncover that which makes you tick – your “raison d’être”. From there the other pieces get so much easier. I bring a truly holistic viewpoint to bear on your struggles, guiding you to discover your blind spots and unearthing ideas you didn’t know you had.

Perhaps you are in the corporate world and looking to make a change to something more meaningful or closer to your heart. I can assist with this transition by collectively assessing what is really important and how you can bring your best self to bear and make an impact.

Cold cash offering | Sedona, Arizona | February 2021

When I engaged with coach Melissa Ford in 2016 for a 13 month commitment I found the approach very refreshing having come from 15+ years of psychotherapy. To me coaching focused more on the now and actionable things. I liked not having to talk for 50 minutes and having somebody give me suggestions of things to try. She invited me to look at my world in a different way. Psychotherapy definitely has it’s place. I look at coaching as complimentary. It’s not a perfect analogy, but therapy is like theory while coaching is more akin to practice.

I founded my first company when I was 19 years old on a “gap” year (the result of two semesters of 1.x GPA) and working three part time jobs. The income from my consulting business enabled me to put myself through my last two and a half years of college. I spent seven years in the corporate world, leaving to create the country’s first all digital portrait lab ten years later at age 29. In three years we were doing over a million dollars in revenue. In 2007, I began taking photos of children. Since then, I’ve built Matt Kosterman Productions into a high end, well-regarded photo and video business serving some of the top brands in Chicago and around the country. I have a large network of contacts across a wide variety of businesses that I will tap into as required.