After 50+ years in political and regulatory purgatory, psychedelic medicines are beginning to make their way back into the collective consciousness. Fortunately, there were brave and intrepid researchers and experts who maintained a safe underground network and continued with research in the face of federal laws with draconian penalties. Michael Pollan tapped that network for his book, How to Change Your Mind, was an enormous catalyst. There are two major clinical trials with the cooperation of the FDA in progress now, one with psilocybin (magic mushrooms) at Johns Hopkins University and the other with MDMA (active ingredient in the street drug ecstasy) through MAPS. Perhaps you have had or are planning your own experience for personal discovery and healing purposes. 

Heart of Pachamama by Miguel | Chakapita | March 2019

In addition to studying over a dozen books on the subject, I have experienced a fairly wide variety of medicines since late summer of 2018. Mushrooms, MDMA, Ayahuasca, Mescaline, LSD, Kambo, in addition to several breathwork experiences, have all played a major role in my own evolution. I’m fairly familiar with the terrain. These plants are incredible and I firmly believe they are going to assist in transforming consciousness on a broader scale than most imagine. As my therapist says, the are “power tools” for psychic exploration and healing. They both accelerate and amplify the healing process, when used with respect, care, planning and integration.

Mindset and physical setting (set and setting) are crucial to a productive experience. I have had a wide variety of experiences with the range of medicines. I underwent a guided MDMA session in a therapist’s office one Saturday. I spent 12 days at 7,000 ft in the Ecuadorian Andes with a shaman drinking ayahuasca and mescaline. I’ve also simply hung out alone with a great playlist. I have learned something from each experience of them and, indeed, in some cases it would have taken years of therapy for the same realization to come forth. I’ve experienced firsthand the benefit of post journey integration as I have both worked with a therapist in addition to attending two separate six week small group integration sessions. It is very useful to have somebody who has had the experiences both affirm your experience and assist you in weaving the findings into your life.

If you have had or are planning your own experience, I am available to bring my knowledge to bear for pre-journey consultation and post journey integration. I am not a therapist, however, I will help you to create a safe space, give you resources for ensuring the safety of the medicines you procure and set an intention, based on the goal you have in mind. I will also offer resources on potential dangerous interactions and advice for health and wellness prior to your journey. On the back end, I will help you process the material uncovered and reflect it back in way in which you maximize the value of the experience. After my own very first really deep experience with mushrooms, I did no integration work. I just expected to magically be transformed. I was not. Some people might be; most require assistance integrating the truckloads of material that is typically excavated from one’s subconscious.


All session can be done over video conference, phone or in person.

One 90 minute Pre-Journey Consult | $300

We’ll dive right in and go through your reasons for wanting this experience and talk through which medicine may be best to address it. Psilocybin seems to be all the rage these days and it was where I began, however I had greater success with other medicines. I will also provide you with a playlist you can use for your journey.

Three (3) 90 minute Post-Journey Integration Session Package | $850

With the purchase of this package, one of the sessions can be me available by phone or video on the day of your planned journey, if you wish. This call (or calls) can take many forms. Maybe you need some last minute tips and reminders about your intention. It’s possible you’ll need to “phone a friend” during your journey. This can be especially useful shortly after “re-entry”.

Anywhere from two to four days after your experience, we’ll meet to begin going through the material you discovered and look at how it fits into your story. Depending on where you are, I will recommend additional modalities to assist you with integrating the material.