Open Hearted Men

Do any of these apply to you —

  • Craving deeper conversations? 
  • Seeking more authentic relationships? 
  • Looking for more meaning in your day to day? 
  • Wanting to be part of a community in a safe space to talk about all the things you’ve been keeping inside? 

Perhaps you’ve tried various means of making this happen and have come up empty. We have the solution. Just say “OHM”.

OHM = Open Hearted Mens’ Group. 

Heart of Pachamama from an Ecuadoran San Pedro Ceremony | March 2019

LeRoy Gordon and Matt Kosterman are creating a small community of like-minded men in order to support one another in transforming to better meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. As men in society, we are taught to live from our brains and if necessary, to use force to get what we want. The world is evolving rapidly and seemingly chaotically. It is time for everybody to step up and transform from living in our head to fearlessly living from our hearts. We think this is one way to facilitate that transformation.

Join us and safely go deeper, with people who won’t be shocked and are open to hearing all that you have to share.

What is it?

A weekly meeting for up to six men (plus the two facilitators) to discuss life, spirituality (not religion) and personal growth. What is it not?

It is not affiliated with any religion, political party or other group or organization. We will not lobby on behalf of any of the above. It is also not a substitute for therapy. 


Thursday nights at 6:45 for a 7:00pm start. Runs until 8:30. First meeting January 16, 2021.


839 N Hermitage Ave, Unit 102, Chicago 60622

How Much?

$140 per person for seven week session (scholarships available)

How Do I Sign Up?

Great question! Send us an email to and we’ll get you enrolled.


For more information check out the FAQ page